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Tires Are Like Shoes: Know When to Change Them

Where you live will dictate what kind of tires you need for your car or SUV. What type of tire you need will depend on the weather you experience and how often you experience it..

Tires are like shoes. If you live somewhere it is necessary to have boots in the winter then you will need winter tires. These tires will give you better traction in snow and ice, like snow boots. Likewise, if you live somewhere that experiences a lot of rain then rain boots are a necessity.


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Keeping Your Engine Oil Clean

Car fluids are vital in its operation. If these fluids happen to run out, then the operation of your car will be hindered if not completely stopped. As the driver, it is paramount to understand how to monitor these fluids such that they don't go below the required level or dry out. Examples of these fluids are; the engine oil, motor oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, battery fluid and coolant.

Motor oil.

It is the most important fluid if your car has an internal combustion engine. Changing the oil helps to lubricate the moving parts in the engine crank…


Get More Mileage on Your Tires

Did you know that your car owner's manual contains a recommended car tire rotation interval? It's just a six-month routine. Swapping tire side-to-side and front to back is not only a safety measure to see you safely run your errands, the practice is also a maintenance routine geared towards having your vehicle ties wear off evenly. Adhering to this recommendation also increase tire life and performance saving you money.

The vehicle owner is required to perform daily and weekly inspections on their vehicles as part of routine maintenance. Efficient owners are advised to make an...


Understanding Dashboard Lights and Their Meanings

When there is a puzzle in your automobile, it sends you a signal through the electronic systems to your dashboard. This may mean that your car needs urgent services while other lights just indicate minor issues like running out of gas. If you, therefore, do not understand the warning lights displayed on your dashboard, it's advisable you check out with your mechanic for advice.

Engine temperature warning lights – this just means your engine is extremely hot.

Oil pressure warning – your vehicles oil pressure system has a problem, or your oil is running low.

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Go with the Best for Your Vehicle in Canton, OH

If you choose to go to a dealership over a private mechanic, then you are already familiar with the standout performance that a local brand service center can achieve. A dealership like ours at Kempthorn Volkswagen is always the way to go if out want to get the best service. They can get the job done right the first time and with minimal waiting - which results in a satisfactory experience for each of our customers.

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