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Don't Put Off Volkswagen Maintenance

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We know that our Northeast Ohio community is dealing with a lot right now, and with so much on your mind, it's easy to forget about your vehicle maintenance plan. Staying up to date on your vehicle service is essential, and that's why our Canton Volkswagen service center is open for business. We're following safety measures and taking precautions so that you can feel at ease when leaving your home. Many are relying on their cars to help our community, and we are here to help you depend on your car by getting it the service it…

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Find Your Next Set of Tires at Kempthorn Volkswagen


Having the right set of tires is important for your vehicle. Here at Kempthorn Volkswagen, we can help you find the right set of treads so you always have a smooth and safe ride throughout Canton, Akron and New Franklin, OH.


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Spring in Canton Means It's Maintenance Time for Your Vehicle

Your vehicle has been through a lot this winter season - from cruising through the frozen mud to working through harsh temperatures. Now that spring is in full blow, your vehicle may need a little extra care and a tune-up, if necessary. Luckily, we at Kempthorn Volkswagen offer an exceptional in-house service center with technicians that will meet all of your vehicle's needs with a helping hand and smile.

Whether you're a driver from Canton, Akron and North Canton, OH, you'll be ecstatic to explore the service menu that we provide for your vehicle's spring maintenance.


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Take Care of Your Tires at Kempthorn Volkswagen

For all the talk of powertrains and convenience features that typically goes along with cars, the most obvious aspect of them often goes unnoticed; the tires. Yes, you can’t make a car go without a reliable set of tires, which becomes even more critical during the winter months.


Brake Pedal Repair Needs

Your brake pedal is a very important part of your vehicle. It is what you utilize when you need to slow your vehicle down. If there is something wrong with your brake pedal, you may notice a number of signs. Let's go over some of the most common ways problems with your brake pedal will manifest.

If you suspect there is a problem with your brake pedal, stop down to Kempthorn Volkswagen today.

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Choosing All-Weather vs. Carpet Floor Mats

Still trying to decide rubber and carpet floor mats for your vehicle? The crew at Kempthorn Volkswagen wanted to share this information with you to make the decision easier.

Rubber car mats can be cleaned quickly and easily with a hose. These are the mats you want if your work involves hauling dirty items in the vehicle. These mats are also perfect for the person who lives in a region where it rains or snows often, who travels with kids or pets all the time, or you constantly spill things in the vehicle.

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An Inexpensive Dash Cam Can Save You Thousands

Most people would agree that always having a camera in your pocket because of smartphones is a great convenience. Whenever the mood strikes you or an interesting situation presents itself you can record a video to remember it by. A dash cam serves largely the same purpose, but it also helps keep you safe on the road and could protect you from liability that could cost you thousands.

New dash cams are incredibly easy to install and operate. They are designed to turn on with your car and automatically record footage, deleting old footage when the memory is full or…

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Signs That Your Vehicle's Exhaust System is Leaking

If the exhaust system in your vehicle is leaking, then dangerous gases that should be expelled out the tailpipe are now leaking into the cabin where you breathe. Here are a couple signs of a potential gas leak from the exhaust in your vehicle.

Pay attention to the gas mileage of your vehicle. If the exhaust system has a leak or a block, the engine must work harder to move the car, and will burn more fuel. Lower fuel economy could be an early warning sign of a leak in the exhaust.


Cold Weather Means a Loss in Your Tires' Air Pressure

No one likes a flat tire, and that's why the tire pressure monitoring system in your vehicle is such a life saver. A light on your dashboard illuminates when one of the tires is losing air pressure, but do you know why your tires lose air pressure?

There are a couple of reasons that your tires can lose pressure. It's possible that you have a slow leak, or you've lost some air due to normal air loss. It's, however, also common to lose pressure as the weather gets colder. When air gets colder, the molecules contract…


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