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Shop Genuine VW Parts and Accessories at Your Northeast Ohio VW Dealer

Have you finalized summer vacation plans? Do you have any road trips planned? What about camping trips? For all your summer travels in Northeast Ohio, we want your Volkswagen to be ready for all these outdoor adventures. Your certified VW dealer in Canton has an onsite parts department that sells genuine VW-engineered parts and accessories. You can place an order online for outdoorsy items that will accessorize your VW car or SUV.

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Spring in Canton Means It's Maintenance Time for Your Vehicle

Your vehicle has been through a lot this winter season - from cruising through the frozen mud to working through harsh temperatures. Now that spring is in full blow, your vehicle may need a little extra care and a tune-up, if necessary. Luckily, we at Kempthorn Volkswagen offer an exceptional in-house service center with technicians that will meet all of your vehicle's needs with a helping hand and smile.

Whether you're a driver from Canton, Akron and North Canton, OH, you'll be ecstatic to explore the service menu that we provide for your vehicle's spring maintenance.


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Wipers for the Winter Are A Vehicle Must

It's common to overlook the importance of windshield wipers on a vehicle, but the truth is good winter wipers are a very important feature on a car.

The windshield is literally the eyes to the outside world and the traffic around you. Other than the car's mirrors, what you see outside the glass is pivotal to ensuring safety on the road at all times.

During adverse weather such as rain, snow, and ice, the ability to see outside from the other side of the glass can be impeded. If the vehicle is still sporting run-of-the-mill wipers, they can…
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Tires Are Like Shoes: Know When to Change Them

Where you live will dictate what kind of tires you need for your car or SUV. What type of tire you need will depend on the weather you experience and how often you experience it..

Tires are like shoes. If you live somewhere it is necessary to have boots in the winter then you will need winter tires. These tires will give you better traction in snow and ice, like snow boots. Likewise, if you live somewhere that experiences a lot of rain then rain boots are a necessity.


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