There's one thing about Volkswagen, it's obviously endeared to German innovation. With this legacy intact, Kempthorn Volkswagen is able to present clientele throughout the Canton, OH, area the 2021 VW ID.4, an example of what's to come regarding future VW pure-electric vehicles.

The Benefits of a Volkswagen Electric Vehicle

The environment means everything to Europeans, hence their collective progressiveness in this realm. When VW provides the U.S. market with pure electric offerings, it stands to reason that we should take notice. The various benefits for the client and surrounding environment encompass:

  • With pure-electric vehicles, there are no emissions released, and no need of fuel or that ever-fluctuating price. With an overnight charge, you're guaranteed a 250-mile driving radius in VW ID.4 alone.
  • There's an ever-growing network of more than 17,000 chargers found along most major highways. With each day, more charging stations are added, providing for expansive, pure-electric ranging.
  • Volkswagen offers three-years of unlimited charging at no additional cost when you obtain VW ID.4.
  • VW has always been competitive in pricing. With almost every brand contributing an electric vehicle to the Medina market, their base prices are more expensive by at least $4,000 as opposed to VW ID.4.
  • Volkswagen has set a goal for approximately 20-million electric vehicles by 2029, built upon the proprietary Modular Electric Toolkit. The intent is to share this technology with other carmakers. No doubt a game changer when it comes to phasing out fuel-powered vehicles and the pollution they leave behind.

Kempthorn Volkswagen, Your Leader in VW Electric Vehicle Knowledge

When it comes time to leap into the world of electric vehicles, Kempthorn Volkswagen is uniquely positioned given Volkswagen plans and the innovation therein.

So, visit our local Canton dealership today to learn more about the electric-vehicle future of Volkswagen.

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