For all the talk of powertrains and convenience features that typically goes along with cars, the most obvious aspect of them often goes unnoticed; the tires. Yes, you can’t make a car go without a reliable set of tires, which becomes even more critical during the winter months.

It’s always a good idea to get your tires realigned before the weather turns cold, as traction loss unfortunately becomes a lot more frequent. You’ll also need to pay closer attention to your tires as cracks in the rubber can appear from the dramatic changes in temperature that happen throughout the year, so if you see them, it’s time to change your tires.

Fortunately, we can take care of that for you in our service department and if you want some added peace of mind, we offer both tire and wheel insurance. Just inquire with our Finance department and we’ll get your squared away.

Another tip before we wrap up; always be checking your tire pressure throughout the winter months. You lose one psi for every ten degrees that the temperature drops, so if you aren’t careful you could end up blowing out a tire over something that is very avoidable.

We always make sure to look out for our fellow Canton drivers as we want to make sure you all stay safe out there. We look forward to seeing you in the dealership.

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