If the exhaust system in your vehicle is leaking, then dangerous gases that should be expelled out the tailpipe are now leaking into the cabin where you breathe. Here are a couple signs of a potential gas leak from the exhaust in your vehicle.

Pay attention to the gas mileage of your vehicle. If the exhaust system has a leak or a block, the engine must work harder to move the car, and will burn more fuel. Lower fuel economy could be an early warning sign of a leak in the exhaust.

If there is a leak due to a rusty pipe or exhaust connection, you should be able to feel it from inside the cabin. Place your foot on the gas pedal and feel for a new vibration, or see if you feel one touching the steering wheel.

At the first sign of trouble with the car's exhaust system, get to Kempthorn Volkswagen and our service team will check for any signs of leaks.

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