What to Consider Before You Travel During the Holiday Seasons

The holidays are coming up and the excitement is hard to ignore. You cannot wait to link up with the rest of your family and share quality time together. Here at Kempthorn Volkswagen, we intend to ensure that all those traveling by road reach on time and safely. Apart from observing regular traffic rules and driving a reliable Volkswagen car, here are some tips to travel safely during the holiday.

  • Service your vehicle beforehand. We check your car to make sure the tires, lights, brake fluid, and all other parts are functioning efficiently.
  • Plan Your Travel. Confirm the weather conditions and traffic reports before heading out. If you are going on a road trip, ensure your GPS is working. Also, shop for the supplies you need in advance.
  • Schedule your travel strategically. Do not travel when everybody else is traveling as it might be hectic. You can choose to travel earlier or on the particular morning.
  • Prepare for Emergencies. Have a flashlight, spare tires, boots, and blankets in your vehicle. Also before traveling ensure you have enough gas.
  • Route around known landmarks as malls, sports venues, restaurants or stores to ensure you're not stuck in shopping traffic.

Remember your ultimate goal is to reach your destination. You can visit our dealership to get more holiday travel tips and to get yourself into a quality vehicle that can help you arrive safely.

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