Get More Mileage on Your Tires

Did you know that your car owner's manual contains a recommended car tire rotation interval? It's just a six-month routine. Swapping tire side-to-side and front to back is not only a safety measure to see you safely run your errands, the practice is also a maintenance routine geared towards having your vehicle ties wear off evenly. Adhering to this recommendation also increase tire life and performance saving you money.

The vehicle owner is required to perform daily and weekly inspections on their vehicles as part of routine maintenance. Efficient owners are advised to make an appointment as soon as they notice irregular tire wear with us Kempthorn Volkswagen.

The service that follows will save you unnecessary road safety hazards. To enhance your safety, experienced professionals in Canton encourage you to do your tire rotation with your oil change service every six months. It is our job to keep your grip on the track.

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