Understanding Dashboard Lights and Their Meanings

When there is a puzzle in your automobile, it sends you a signal through the electronic systems to your dashboard. This may mean that your car needs urgent services while other lights just indicate minor issues like running out of gas. If you, therefore, do not understand the warning lights displayed on your dashboard, it's advisable you check out with your mechanic for advice.

Engine temperature warning lights – this just means your engine is extremely hot.

Oil pressure warning – your vehicles oil pressure system has a problem, or your oil is running low.

Anti-lock brake warning – your brakes need to be diagnosed and fixed immediately.

Battery alert – the automobile charging system is low in power.

Fuel indicator symbol – this indicates you are running out of gas it also by extending show the side which fuel cap is.

That is just to mention a few. Dashboards lights are not general thus if you find it hard to understand you can refer to our experienced mechanics at Kempthorn Volkswagen Stop in and learn more with us in Canton, OH.

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