Helpful tips on driving safe this winter season

With winter comes snow and ice, and with snow and ice comes traction problems. But there are some options to help you with that.

Kitty litter is best used when your vehicle gets stuck. When sprinkled behind the tires it can give enough traction to get moving again. But turns into a mess because it absorbs the water. It is suggested to keep some in your vehicle for this purpose.

Rock salt is a very popular option when it comes to helping with traction. It will melt the ice, but is not very good for plants and animals. When it melts the ice, it dissolves in the water.

Sand, just regular sandbox sand is a cheap option that doesn't leave a big mess or hurt the environment. It is also easy to find when needed.

For more helpful tips or staying safe in the snow and ice this winter season contact Kempthorn Volkswagen.
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